You all remember my purpose, right?

TO foster understanding and acceptance of self and others SO THAT we can come together to make the world a better place.

As you know, I’m all about being concious of the ripple I’m creating in the world. Really, that just means I want to align my actions with my purpose.  Here’s are some of the ways I did that in January:  

  • I got focused and found my words for the year: every day. My words “bold and brave” served me well last year. This year I’m focused on doing the little things every day that will help me create a life that is fulfilling and will help me be who I want to be in this world.
  • I committed to a morning ritual to connect with myself in order to grow my self-awareness and acceptance. This includes a healthy smoothie, reading time, journal time, gratitude time and move my body time. I know it’s working because I’m grumpy less often without knowing why and when I don’t get to do my ritual, I feel off!
  • I said YES to facilitating a group strategy session for one of my favorite clients. I helped each person in the room clarify their perspective and share it with everyone. Then we worked together to prioritize projects and assign owners for the year.
  • I said YES to leading a WHY Discovery Workshop for the PNW Ops Retreat. I spent a day with an amazing group of real estate support staff to help them uncover their purpose and learn how to share it with the world. They were and amazing group to work with.
  • I took moments to pause and appreciate the beauty of every day moments and sunshine in the Pacific Northwest!
  • We got a fence installed so my pups can come over more often and spend time with us.
  • I said YES to leading a workshop with the leadership team at Keller-Williams Marysville. We looked at what worked in 2016 that they could bring into 2017, what they wanted to leave behind AND did a mini-WHY Discovery workshop. Even with just a couple of hours people had big insights, better focus for 2017 and at least one person walked a way with a clear and empowering purpose statement.
  • I marched with my sister, my niece and my cousins to demonstrate my belief that we can move further together when we lead with empathy and understanding, rather than fear and hate.

January wasn’t all sunshine and roses. I’m still adjusting to my divorced life. One of my family members just got some scary health news. One of my pups has cancer and it looks like they found another tumor. I’m overwhelmed by what is happening in our world politically and socially. I probably stubbed my toe at some point in the month. And I’m out of spinach so smoothies haven’t happened for two days now.

OK, so those last couple things aren’t that big of a deal. The point is, life will always be serving up a lot of shit to deal with and rather than swim in that all the time, I come back to focus on my purpose and figure out how to do something that will bring me closer to living it…every day.

Who do you know who is living their purpose? Tell me all about it. I want to talk to them!

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