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An Open Letter to My Overwhelmed Peeps Out There:

If you say these things on a regular basis…


  • If I don’t do this, it won’t get done (or done right).”
  • I’m a big-picture thinker—how can I be expected to manage all these details, too?”
  • Why on earth did I agree to do this? I always take on too much.”
  • “I can’t sleep, my head is spinning.”
  • “I can’t keep juggling it all like this!!!”

…then you’re in the right place.

Let’s start with the obvious. You’re good at what you do—bringing your expertise to people who need it most, taking care of every last detail, and then running your household, too.

You care…a lot. Maybe even too much. And you wouldn’t change that about yourself.

However, this constant juggling to keep all your priorities at the top comes at a huge personal price, and you’re not sure you can afford it anymore.

  • Your email inbox is never empty.

  • You’re always running late to catch the next appointment…even if you make it on time, it’s stressful getting there.

  • You’re overwhelmed by your ideas and nothing ever seems to come to fruition.

  • And you live in constant fear of letting other people down.

Your brain churns with reminders, to-dos, worries, and projections.

You’re never off—even when you’re off.

Take a minute and hang with me, we have a few things to talk about.

People notice your distraction. And it hasn’t slipped your mind, either.

I mean, how could it?

You’ve tried everything—from paper planners to apps to whiteboards to even hiring an assistant. And none of it worked.

Along with the stress of picking up the balls you drop, you wonder when you’ll ever have time to take a step back and focus on your most important goals and dreams—from getting back in shape to taking a “real” family vacation to making more money.

You keep saying, “someday…” But even that is starting to look like a fairy tale.

However, there’s that one magical day per year…

The one day when you finally feel like you’ve gotten your shit together.  

The day you leave for vacation.

Somehow you get everything finished before quitting time, and you’re ready to walk out the door and have fun.

You feel relaxed, in control, and can’t stop smiling.

All your clients are on track, your billing is done, your team is up-to-date with what needs to happen while you’re gone, and your invoices are paid.

You are on top of it all.



Right now, you only get that feeling one or two days per year.

However, once you Get Your Shit Together, you can feel this way every single week.

Think about that for a minute.

You can walk out of work in vacation mode every single Friday and enjoy your weekends in all the ways you’re missing right now.



With your family…your friends…and even take time for yourself and all those dreams you put on the back burner.

And your business keeps growing while you do it.

I created Get Your Shit Together (GYST) to help these types of people:


If you’re a Fixer, then you’ve never met a problem you didn’t want to solve. You’re the center of your family, your circle of friends, and every organization you belong to.

You get things done.

Your kryptonite is over-committing, jumping into everything without checking in on your own priorities. You save the day on a regular basis, but the cost of your heroism is that you don’t have any time left to fix your own problems or pursue your own dreams.


Are you a Big Idea kind of person? If so, then you don’t know how to think small. You’ve got a vision for your work, your life, even the world…however it stalls every time you get ready to take action. Why?

Because the overwhelming tasks of everyday life keep you grounded when you most want to fly.

If only you didn’t have to deal with the details, you’d already have made your mark. Regular life is sucking the energy out of your magnificent plans.


The Whirlwind’s road in life is paved with good intentions. She says yes without thinking or checking her schedule, and then she’s surprised when she forgets or double-books.

If this is you, then you almost never say no. You find yourself procrastinating and avoiding your to-do list until it’s too late, and you often have excuses as to why you didn’t do as you promised.

Whirlwinds get so caught up responding to everyone else’s requests that they become numb to their own needs and dreams.

Any of those sound familiar?

If you’re wondering how I figured you out so quickly, I haven’t been spying on you.

Let me tell you about the years-long process that put me in a position to help you today.

I won’t make you guess which type I am. I’m a reformed Fixer, for sure.

Back when I first started my business, I focused on “fixing” everything except what most needed to be fixed—me!

I was avoiding building the business and life I wanted, and “fixing” everything else made it easier to ignore what I was neglecting in my own life

I was “busy” but not successful. And it took me a long time to realize I was setting up my routine and even my relationships to honor busy-ness over real success and happiness.

I don’t mind admitting my struggle…now.

But back then? Hoo boy, I didn’t want anyone to see behind the curtain.

It wasn’t until I read the book, Finding Your North Star, by Martha Beck (Yes, the Oprah Martha Beck!), that I finally found a ray of light.

I’d been going about things all wrong, trying to fit myself into systems and jobs and lives designed by and for other people.

(Sound familiar?)

When I clicked on what mattered most to me, everything else started to make sense.

That set off years of personal and professional work to discover what made me (and everyone else) tick. I became a certified life coach and certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator practitioner (a level of geekiness that I never expected to reach).

Then I took that deep personality and process knowledge and started busting up existing systems for success.

I broke them down completely…pulled out each piece…and examined all the ways they could work for different personality types.

Then I tested it on real people. People just like you.

I helped them discover their best ways of working. Polished strengths. Compensated for weaknesses.

Then I put those systems back together in ways that gave those people a framework for success on their own terms.

Get Your Shit Together is the life-changing result of that long and messy process.

GYST is your place to build the systems and habits to organize and manage the workflow of life and business.

The one thing you can’t make more of is time.


It is finite resource, every moment so precious you’ll never get a do-over.

The past is done, whether you like how you spent those hours and days or not.

But the future? The future is up for grabs.


You can invest in the status quo by holding on to the same old excuses…

  • “I don’t have time to do this”…but isn’t that kind of the point in regaining control of your schedule?
  • “I can’t stop everything I need to do in order to think about this kind of thing!” If your family, friends, and personal goals aren’t more important than your to-do list, then what are you working for?
  • “I have too many people relying on me.” Then you certainly don’t want to risk letting them down!
  • “I’m not an organized person.” Everyone says that until they find the system that works for them. Then it just feels natural.
  • “I’m too creative for this kind of thing. I don’t like to be boxed in.” Every creative person with a body of work uses a system.

Or you can invest in your future, today, protecting your most valuable asset and using it in a way that enhances your business, your relationships, and your life.

PS: Skipped to the bottom to save time? Then you need this program most of all!

Regain control of your business and life in just 3 weeks…even if you’ve tried every other other system or think you’re too busy.