With everything that has been happening at a national level his week (presidential election, anyone?) it can feel like a bad time to talk about sensitive subjects.

This is the perfect time. The values that you care about aren’t owned by a specific political party. They are yours.

Your reaction to the election is probably giving you a good reminder of what you care about most. So, what have you noticed?

Below are values and philosophies that I most believe in. This is something that I’ve created for myself over the past few years:

TAO – Transparent :: Authentic :: Open
I will say what I’m thinking in the most direct, loving and productive way possible in order to learn and grow, and to foster learning and growth in others.

5 A’s
Awareness – I engage in the world and with myself in a way that leads to a true knowing of who I am.
Acceptance – I open my heart to what I learn about myself and embrace it.
Appreciation – I manifest gratitude for the positives in my life.
Action – I take what I learn to fuel action toward the things that matter most.
Adherence – I am committed to continue the practices that foster growth and understanding.

5 C’s
Connection – What I do matters in the world. I have an impact. Its up to me to have a conscious impact.
Curiosity – I am more invested in uncovering the truth than in being right.
Choice – I know that everything in life is a choice. I have what I need to change what’s not working for me.
Collaboration – I can’t do it all. Others will do some of it better. I need each others in order to do my best work.
Communication – The quality of my conversations reflect the quality of my relationships.

None of this has changed for me since the election. These all remain true for me. They are concepts I talk about in all aspects of my life all the time. People need to know what I believe in and care about in order to truly be in relationship with me…or to opt out of relationships with me.  Ha!

If anything, I’d probably add empathy to this list somehow. It is the overarching thing I believe in most. I believe that it is valuable and helpful in all aspects of life and work to be able to put yourself in some else’s shoes, if even for a moment.

What do you believe in? How can you help others know this about you?

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