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There are lots of ways to use gratitude to make your life better.  Some people journal about their gratitude every day. Others express it as it happens. Marie Forleo had a great piece on going deep with gratitude.  I explored her idea a bit more myself here.

It’s important to figure out what method works best for you.  And even if you find the “right” method for you, it doesn’t mean that gratitude comes easily.

Which is why I love this article from Enneagram expert Ginger Lapid-Bogda.  It gives you suggestions on what to be grateful for based on your Enneagram type.

I’m a Type 9 and the suggestion for my type is spot on:

Nines | Being grateful you know how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life; being grateful that you know how to relax and enjoy yourself; being grateful when you have allowed yourself to find your voice and express it fully.

Not only does it remind me to grateful for some of what is patterned in my personality, it encourages me to celebrate how and when I break out of the patterns that sometimes hurt or limit me.

This is what any kind of personality-based content should do, in my not so humble opinion.  It should celebrate what’s great about us and support us in breaking free from the stuff that isn’t working anymore.

Tell me, did Lapid-Bogda’s suggestion resonate for you and your type?  How do you practice gratitude?

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