Welcome to the “end of winter” issue of The Ripple. Which is really just me saying…oops! I didn’t send out the February Ripple, so you get a combo this month!

The Ripple is my project to help you connect daily actions with your calling. Need a refresher on what I mean by the ripple? Click here.

My calling, or purpose, is

TO foster understanding and acceptance of self and others SO THAT we can come together to make the world a better place.

Sometimes the activities I engage in are very clearly connected to my purpose…like coaching one of my private one-on-one clients or leading a purpose discovery workshop.

And sometimes I’m out in the world doing my best to stay in line with my purpose. Here are some of the ways I was out in the world on purpose as winter came to an end:

  • I went on a fun girls weekend trip to Bellingham. I was thoughtful about how I wanted to show up on this trip as it was the first one I’ve gone on since my divorce and these girls are part of the couples circle my ex and I have been a part of since college. It was hard at times, but I let myself be real and trust that my friends could handle it. This was a new way for me to engage with them and they were wonderfully supportive. Plus, we had spa treatments and did some good dining out. Have you been to Home Skillet? Amazing breakfast and breakfast cocktails! And how about Pure Bliss? Great spot for deserts. Both had great vegan options.
  • I attended the Keller Williams Family Reunion real estate conference. Many of my current and past clients are Keller-Williams agents. It was great to learn more about their world and connect with them in this setting. Plus, I got to witness someone living their purpose. More on that in a second.
  • My best friend and I did our annual Oscars challenge. We went and saw all of the best picture nominees for the Academy Awards before the big show. Where’s my purpose in this? Oscar nominated pics tend to stretch me beyond my usual taste in movies so I get to learn about new places, people and perspectives (fostering understanding and acceptance of others). Plus, this challenge always leads to a fun viewing party with great friends.
  • I had an awesome “deep dive” with a client to take them through my Get Your Shit Together process to help her set up systems that will allow her to bring her ideas to life. We are just getting started and I can’t wait to see where it all goes.
  • I launched Free Fridays. Throughout the month of February the topic was how to uncover and live your purpose. In March we’ve been talking about how to align your daily actions with your purpose and how to get create your own systems to help you focus and prioritize your daily actions and projects.
  • I went back home to Selah, WA to say goodbye to our family farm. This trip was a good blend of understanding my own needs and honoring the needs of the rest of my family as they also said goodbye. It was a very fun, sad and special weekend. You can read more about it all here.
  • I was a guest on 2 podcasts. These were probably my best podcast interviews so far because I was super intentional and created an outline for the interviewers and I to follow to ensure that the most important parts of my message were delivered to their audience. You can here me on The Daily Cup here and on The Path to Mastery here.
  • I’ve kept up my daily routine of a smoothie, gratitude journal, wins journal, reading a book to help me grow and moving my body! I can’t do cool shit in the world with people if I’m not taking care of myself!

Blah, blah, blah! I share all of this to give you examples of how I bring myself back to my purpose whenever I can in whatever I’m doing AND I promised that The Ripple wouldn’t just be about me and my ripple, but about the impact others are having in the world too.

So let me tell you a quick story about my friend Sarah Troske.

Sarah is the Listing Coordinator for a real estate team called Pickett Street Properties in Bothell, WA. I’ve worked with this team off and on over the years on everything from Myers-Briggs Discovery Sessions for individual team members to facilitating difficult discussions between team members to leadership coaching.

Back in January, their director of operations put on a retreat for executive assistants, transaction coordinators and other operations folks in real estate and related industries. I had the honor of facilitating a 1/2 day purpose discovery workshop at the retreat.

While I had already known Sarah from my work with her as a Pickett Street Properties team member and experienced her work as a real estate client of the team, working in the area of purpose was a little scary for her. But she made it through the workshop and by the end of it she had created a draft of her purpose statement: My WHY is to create opportunities with positivity and happiness so that I can succeed in helping others.

Next she attended a couple of my Free Friday calls where we talked about purpose and she refined her statement. Here is a picture she created using her new purpose statement:

My WHY is TO create safety outside of comfort zones SO THAT I can impact lives.

Through our work together she realized that in order to have the kind of impact she wanted to have in the world, she needed to get outside of her comfort zone while still feeling safe. She also realized that she had grown a lot since joining the Pickett Street team because her manager did just that for her. She encouraged Sarah to get outside of her comfort zone, but helped her feel safe in doing that.

The more Sarah did this, the more her impact grew. Plus, she was creating safety for others. Clients who had never bought or sold a house before felt safe in Sarah’s care and were able to achieve big financial and housing goals because of her knowledge and expertise. She also realized that she’s always been doing this for her friends and family. She’s the resource for them. They come to her for her knowledge and expertise on the things she loves and that helps them be brave enough to step outside of their comfort zones.

So, remember when I mentioned that real estate conference I attended? Well, Sarah was asked to help lead a mastermind session for transaction coordinators during the conference. Public speaking is waaaay outside of Sarah’s comfort zone. Yet there she was, standing in front of some of the top teams in real estate from around the country, heck, the world. And to top it off one of the most successful real estate leaders in the entire company showed up to speak for a bit and that attracted a big crowd.

And when it was Sarah’s turn, with flushed red cheeks she stepped up to the mic and did what she always does. She tapped into her knowledge, experience and expertise to answer burning questions from the audience. She explained how she set boundaries with agents she supports. She shared tools that she uses to keep track of transactions. She demonstrated how she keeps clients informed and up to date during the often emotional and tumultuous process of buying and selling home.

She gave the audience what they needed to feel safe getting outside of their comfort zones so they could go back home after the conference and have the kind of impact they wanted to have on their teams, with their clients and in the world.

And because I got out of my comfort zone and went to this huge conference all by myself, I got to witness all of it in person. What a gift!

If you scroll back up to the top of this page, you’ll see a picture of Sarah in my ripple collage. She’s the one in the bottom left corner that looks like a badass sharing her gifts with the world.

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