It’s quite impressive how many business owners I encounter who are terribly frustrated by their team and just don’t know what to do.

“They just aren’t creating any results!”


“They just aren’t getting stuff done.”


“We missed our goals. Again.”

And then I ask them about expectations. As in “What kind of expectations have you set for them?”

The answer I usually get? “What do you mean? I mean, they know what they are supposed to be doing.”

And I push, “OK, but you tell me what they are supposed to be doing.”

And they tell me.

And then I say, “And have you told them that?”

The response? “Well, no. But they know what they are supposed to be doing.”

That’s not fair. It’s not fair for you to keep score in your head and get increasingly frustrated when they don’t deliver.

It’s not fair to ask someone to play a game with you and not tell them the rules.

What are the rules? Well, it varies for every business, but some basics:

Your mission: “This is WHY we all get out of bed every day and why our clients care that we show up.”

Your values: “This is HOW we do things around here. We don’t violate any of these, no matter what.”

You goals: “Here is WHAT I expect you to DO every day/week/month/quarter. These are the activities that lead to success. We can’t control the results, but was can control the activities. DO these activities consistently and we’ll get to our goals.”

Give people everything they need to succeed. Give them the rules of the game. It’s only fair.

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