Live Your Dreams locketI have this sweet little necklace that my mom bought me years ago.  It’s kind of like a locket, but without a hinge.  It’s a little silver convex disk with a floral image etched on the front.  There’s a matching concave disk behind it and etched on that is the phrase:  Live your dreams
It was a very thoughtful gift as I was a budding coach at the time.  It was a token of my mom’s belief in me and what I was doing.  And that never hurts, right?
Anyway, I happen to have a lot of kids in my life and whenever I got one of them in my arms they’d figure out that my necklace “opened” up and they always wanted to know what it said.  If they were old enough I’d ask them what it said.
Every time they would say “Love your dreams”.  Every time.
I would always gently correct them. “Close. It actually says ‘live your dreams’.  L-i-v-e is live.  L-O-ve is love.”
I was wearing that necklace yesterday and was thinking about this little phenomenon (if you can call it that) and I love that they assumed the word “love” before anything else.
And then I thought about it some more.  I got to thinking, you really gotta LOVE your dreams to want to go after them.  They need to be something you love enough to want to LIVE them.
AND I also realized that I’ve worked with people who have loved their dreams a little too much.  Dreaming was a great place to go in their minds, but actually living out their dreams, well, that’s where things got scary.
I totally get it.  I’ve done it too.  The dream looks so good but the fear of whether I can actually make it happen can stop me from taking action.
So, how do you love AND live your dreams?
  1. Make sure it’s YOUR dream, not someone else’s dream for you.  That someone else could be your parents, your spouse, your mentor, your coach, your peers, the Joneses, the guy driving the Audi on that commercial. Don’t dream their dreams, dream yours.
  2. Get clear about your purpose.  Know WHY you are here on this planet. What gets you out of bed every morning and why should the rest of the world care if you do?  When you know this, its easier to know which dreams are truly yours.
  3. Just try out a dream in the tiniest way possible. The easiest way to do that is to ask yourself “If I had nothing else to do today, what would be the very first thing I would do to make this dream a reality?”  Just a hint, that very first thing is a much smaller step than you think.  Like, make a phone call, send an e-mail or look up a website. If that first step feels good, take another one and see what happens.
If you go through these steps you are 97.8%* more likely to not only have dreams you love but have dreams that you’ll eventually live.
So, what dreams do you want to live in your business?  With your team?  With your family? With your friends? In your community?

*Not a real percentage. I just tossed that in there for fun.  Please swap out “97.8%” with “much”.

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