Both AndYou’re either with us OR against us.
It’s either black lives matter OR police lives matter.
This week NBA legend Michael Jordan showed us that he totally gets both/and.  The reason I know that he gets it is because he is able to see it in issues that are core to his identity and are highly emotional. Check out this article to see what I mean.
It’s easy to see the world as either/or.
It’s cleaner that way.
We can feel more certain.  Or at least appear to be more certain.
And sometimes either/or is a reality.
You’re either breathing OR you’re not breathing.
You’re either alive OR you’re dead.
You either want pie OR ice cream.
Just kidding.  That’s totally both/and.
What I’ve found through my own experience and the experiences of my clients is that both/and is much more useful and realistic than either/or.
Right now, as I navigate the waters of divorce I am BOTH scared about my future AND excited about everything that is starting to unfold for me.
I have a client who was BOTH sad to see a team member leave AND excited for them about the opportunity they were pursuing.
I have another client who BOTH loves their real estate business AND is itching to try something new.
Getting to both/and is a form of acceptance. It’s a way of seeing the reality around you and accepting it instead of fighting it.  And when you start from reality, it’s a whole lot easier to chart a path to your desired future.
Where are you seeing either/or in your life and business right now?  What would it look like to shift to both/and?
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