Igniting Acceptance“Acceptance is just so…passive.”  I winced.  This was about 3 years ago and I was working with a coach to help me figure out what my “super power” was.  We were trying to come up with two words to capture what it is that I do best.
I had rattled off a bunch of words up to that point and acceptance just kept coming up over and over again.  I could tell he didn’t like the word and then he dropped the passive bomb.  Ugh. Passive??? Passive is the last thing I wanted associated with my super power.  I mean, give me a break, “get shit done” is a phrase I use…a LOT.
“Passive” was actually the perfect thing for him to say because I was offended and I fired back with “Not how I do it.”
I understood what he was saying.  Acceptance can sometimes conjure up the idea of just giving in and taking whatever the world gives you.
But I was talking about reaching that profound level of acceptance of who someone is and how they are innately wired.  What I knew for sure was that when I get people to do that, they stop fighting against their nature and, instead, leverage who they are to achieve whatever they want.
I had seen it over an over again.  People finally accept who they are and they stop struggling so much.  They stop insisting on doing the stuff they suck at and start focusing on what they do best and what gives them the most energy and fulfillment.
They accept that they HATE working with buyers and recruit a buyer’s agent to their team so they can just work with sellers.  And their business grows by leaps and bounds.
They accept that people doing what they say they will do is crazy important to them so they start talking about it with their team and their team starts delivering on their commitments better than they ever have before.
They accept that trust is really hard for them and so they put systems in place that give them the oversight they need so they can finally let their people do their jobs without their constant hovering or questioning.
They accept that they are highly collaborative so they join a mastermind so they can brainstorm with other business owners and soon the ideas are flowing again.
What I know for sure is that Acceptance allows people to tap into a reservoir of fuel that was blocked by struggle.  And once they tap into that, they take off.
Acceptance isn’t passive.  It’s active.  It’s bold.  It’s freeing.
What does acceptance mean to you?
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